Another month bites the dust.

This has been one hectic month!  I have never been so tired (‘sleep deprived’ has become my middle name). I have never seen so many medicine standing in the kitchen and I have never been sick so often.  I just feel totally deflated.  But yet, from somewhere, I have the energy and the strength to stand up in the morning to get ready for work.

Not one day in February was “sick-free”.  Baby girl started off having a runny nose, stomach bug, cold and now inflammation in the ear. Of course, we want to, once again, blame the teeth and those terrible germs at the daycare.  The two bottom teeth have cut through and now we are waiting for the two top ones to arrive, anxiously.

I was really hoping for an easy transition from maternity leave to work, from home to daycare, but alas, it has been totally chaotic. Here’s some advise, stay at home and get extra help when you want to take time for yourself. And please, take time for yourself, don’t feel bad.  Because if you are not feeling well, your baby is not going to feel well either and if you going to get annoyed, because you haven’t gotten any sleep (for the last 18 months) well, then there will just be bad consequences. Your partner will not understand why you are acting this way, you’re not going to be happy because they don’t understand and it just becomes a terrible roller coaster ride.  By the way, I don’t think anyone really knows how you feel.  Not even your best friend who has given birth to two or more kids. So yes, I don’t even have any other advise, because nothing has worked for us.  Not even the infamous amber necklace. No cough syrup, no rescue remedy, no antibiotics.  I have just told myself to take each day as it comes.  This too shall pass. One day…

So here’s the thing.  There will be babies that you don’t even know have cut their first tooth (Oh look love, she’s got two teeth this morning!) and then there are babies that will get really irritated with cutting teeth.  Baby girl threw us into the deep side of the ocean and got all the symptoms you can think of.  Diarrhea, fever, cold, ear infection, runny nose, drooling, chewing everything, not eating, only drinking milk, only want yogurt, OK, now I’ll eat maybe some chicken symptoms.  It’s bad.  It’s really bad.  The great thing is, they don’t remember a thing, but you on the other hand….well, that’s just part of parenting. Just keep on loving life! Bring on March, we’ll kick your ass too 😉