Go with your gut feeling

In my recent conversations with parents with young children, I have noticed that a lot of us like to blame teething for many of our babies behaviours, whether it be the constant crying, moaning, coughing, pooping, chewing, drooling, sleepless nights, you name it, it’s because of those darn teeth.  After this week, I think it’s better just to go with your gut feeling and not assume that is because of those darn teeth…

We started off the morning with a very runny diaper.  Pretty much covered her up to her neck. This of course happening whilst we decided to go have breakfast at a nice restaurant. Of Course.  Then another pooping incident at home whilst sitting on me. Yes, I was covered in poop. Of Course.  Then the evening, not wanting to sleep because of her tummy rumbling, another pooping incident, covering the carpet with poop (and the next morning I noticed at work, also my feet). Of Course.  I have had not at much sleep at all.  Trying to change that diaper as soon as I hear somethings happening, to avoid a horrible nappy rash.

Of course the nappy rash became just worst once she was back at play school, because the teacher did not smell anything, so poor baby girl was sitting in ‘acid’ for few minutes.  Poor Baby Girl. 😦  Sudocrem works wonders.  Not only for babies, but even for adults as well.  So we have been smearing her with heaps of cream! After two days I decided enough is enough.  We got to sort this shit out (pardon the pun).  I went to chemist, told my story, lo and behold, was told that there is a stomach virus in the air! Baby Girl had a bad bug in her tummy!  So we got some medicine to take away the virus and help with the discomfort.  It is going so much better.  Poop is not yet the right consistency, but the colour is perfect.  Look at me describing poop.  Never would I have though that this would be so important subject. Poop.

So before you want to blame the teeth for all sort of behaviour.  Rather visit your clinic or pediatrician to make sure that nothing else is bothering your baby.

And now we wait for those teeth to cut through and constant crying, moaning, coughing, pooping, chewing, drooling and sleepless nights…



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