Join the #butterflyrevolution

Most of us remember the horrific day that took place 22 years ago.  A young woman was kidnapped in front of her house and driven to an isolated area where she was brutally attacked and raped.  She was stabbed 30 times and her throat slit open.  She was left to die.  Alison Botha needed a hero and then she became one.

Not all woman are as lucky as Alison.  There are so many of these types of cases happening, most of them not even being reported to the police or made public via media.  It is sad what the world has come to. Unfortunately not only women are being abused, but children as well.  Any form of abuse infuriates me.  Human or animal abuse.  Just the other day, a man was arrested for killing his 3-year-old stepdaughter.  In court he had the audacity to say that this child had no manners and had a mind of her own. So he kicked her to death. What normal human being abuses a child? That’s right, these people are not normal, but psychologically disturb.   There are so many of these videos on social media showing how nannies abuse babies. Babies! Beings that can not talk or defend themselves.  How dare you hit a child in the face or tie them up with chains?! and then you want to blame the child for your abusive behaviour? Don’t want to look after them, don’t portray yourself as a nanny. Don’t want to get pregnant, then get sterilized! No innocent child deserves to be treated like that.

These abusers need to be locked up and slowly brutally die inside prison.  How dare we as a society let abusers get away with this behaviour? How can the government let these people roam amongst us, among our own children.  Social workers are trying so hard to help women and children in need, but without the necessary funds and facilities, there is not much that they can do, but send these people back into the abusive situation.

We as parents should also take responsiblity for how we raise our children.  Focus on teaching them about being respectful towards one and another and to show loyalty towards friends and family. Boys should be taught how real men behave and girls should know that they can be powerful and independent and all children should grow up with homes filled with love. Appropriate behaviour starts at home. Then there is the #butterflyrevolution.

butterflyrevolutionposterThe #ButterflyRevolution brings together people who care about other people and want to make a change in the world.  Women and children abuse need to come to an end and only we as a society can stand together and make a difference, even if we start small.  Small ideas can lead to big changes.  We all can be heroes.


Six months already?!

6months-subscriptionI honestly can say that these past six months have gone by really fast.  This year has flown by. Christmas is around the corner (19 days to go) and then we enter a new year, filled with more challenges and adventures.

I can not believe that Baby Girl is 6 months old (young).  The past month has had more downs then ups. I assume that she is starting to get them teeth, eish. Which means not a lot of sleep for me or Baby girl.  She’s become very moody, almost like those two weeks before your period starts, when you are at your worst, well that’s her. Nothing is right, just when you think you have done something great and she smiles from ear to ear, tears and lots of screaming takes over. But it only last that long. Then we struggle to take a nap (in the end we don’t nap, so we stay up and then once again become tired, but not wanting to sleep and so it continues). Otherwise, all is well.  She is rolling, sitting, holding her bottle, eating solids, loving bath time and loving nature. Note: when struggeling to get baby to calm down, let baby watch the leaves on the trees blow in the wind, soothing and calming effect.

This is also my last month of maternity leave.  I have mixed emotions.  I am sort of ready to start working again in January, but then I am not that ready to leave her with strangers.  I don’t know how she will adapt and I do hope these teachers have a lot a patience.  They should have right?  Just knowing what I go through in a day…maybe Baby Girl just likes testing my patience, because she shows more than enough happiness when her dad walks into a room.  Maybe she is tired of my face? I hope not. But maybe some change will do us both good.

Like I have mentioned, there has been a lot of downs, but when she smiles, my heart melts.  She is precious in every single way and I am honoured to be her mom.  I think what really has been challenging is doing a lot of things on my own, when help was not always available.  I think that you need to go out more with friends or go to the gym or the movies, just to get some grown up sanity back again.  I take my hat off for moms that have two kids or more and they have to take care of everything without any help. Good golly.  It’s hard sometimes…

So here is my advise, if you have that day when you feeling blue and you just need some alone time, then you need to get out! Call a grandma or that friend that said that she would babysit anytime, and take some time for yourself.  Even if it’s just a long nap.  You need to breathe (get some oxygen into that brain again) and take back control, not just for your own good but for your baby’s as well.  We need to love motherhood and should not be loafing it.

So here’s to the next six months! (Then Baby Girl will be One Year old!) Hip hip Hooray and Cheers!