Opinionated much?

I don’t mind the occasional ‘here and there’ advise given by a parent. “Use it or don’t use it” most will say, because most parents know that not all babies are the same.  Not all babies will necessarily achieve their milestone goals at the same age, so don’t fret if your baby has not started walking on his own at 11 or 12 months and your friend’s baby is already doing it at the same age.  They will get there eventually.  They might just enjoy doing other activities more.

What really gets to me are these people who don’t have any children, but will always, not give advise, but give their opinion. Say what? You, the person who has not been in labour for hours, not once, wants give me an opinion? Please have a baby first and then we can maybe have a conversation about sleeping schedules and breastfeeding.  The baby will not be handed to you on a golden platter with a manual on how to use. No. You can plan when you want to have you baby, not going to happen on that date.  You can think that you are going to let your baby sleep in his own room starting from three months. You can actually assume a lot of things before birth, but once that baby is here, most of those assumptions will fly out of the window and you just have to take each day as it comes.( Unless you are Hitler and you are totally going to dictate your baby’s life). You will either have a happy baby, colic baby, baby that don’t want to latch, really calm baby, really busy baby, the list goes on.  You will never know how your baby will react to certain situations. (and don’t even think they’ll behave like you or your husband…)

So people without babies/children.  Don’t give me your opinion (even behind my back, that’s just rude by the way).  Lets chat again once you got that very special little person in your life. Maybe then I’ll even give some advise, use it or don’t use it…


All the magical sounds and tasty foods…

One thing I have become more aware of is that Baby Girl has become more verbal. She was already communicating a lot, but these days there is a lot more squeaks and growls and it has become sooo much louder, so much so, that all this screaming is usually followed with a few coughs and that cute ‘laugh out of the tummy’ laugh.  She is adorable.  But oh my, my ears.

She is also showing more affection.  Touching and holding mommy and daddy’s faces with her hands.  Reaching out to be picked up and getting super excited about it.  She is always waking up with the biggest smile. Makes you heart go all gooey.

I have learned this pass month that you can feed your baby rice cereal and pureed fruits and veggies from four months old unless they show nasty side effects, like diarrhea, nausea or a rash.  I was terrified that her stomach will not be able to digest all this food, but once she saw that spoon, her mouth automatically opened up and swallowed!  She loves apple, peach, carrot and sweet potato.  Because she was only four months old when she started eating solids, the pediatrician suggested only giving her 2-3 spoons and not the whole jar (80 ml).  This week she is turning five months so we might just add another spoon. By six months, we can eat the whole jar! and then at eight months we can introduce some protein.  The reason for starting with the cereal and puree solids before six months, was because she was not very fond of the formula (we changed formula as well) and wasn’t gaining enough weight.  She is doing just fine now and I’m a very happy mommy.  I have heard that there is a period between 3 – 6 months, when babies tend to gain less weight, so new moms, don’t freak out if a week has gone by and they did not gain anything.  Unless you are really concerned and there might be a fever or stomach problem, then go to your pediatrician asap. Some babies just tend to eat less than other babies and still are happy chappies ( I guess it can be genetic thing as well? or they are already ’emotional eaters’…hope thats not the case!)

Please do not replace formula/breast milk with solid foods. Formula/breast milk is still very important, containing all the nutrients that they need till until 12 months old.

I am very excited to see what month 5 will be holding in for us and what new things Baby Girl will learn about herself.  Excited much?! YES!