Do we as mothers spoil our babies?!

The answer is simple, no! A baby can never be spoiled. I’m looking at the age of between newborn and those terrible two-year olds, the time when discipline becomes a method of spoiling, so I’ve heard... Maybe giving them too much love is a way of spoiling, you know, that extra four hours holding them, when they are probably supposed to be lying in bed… but for me, they are only babies once in their lives and I have SO much love to give. If someone tells me I’m spoiling my baby, I give them the cold shoulder, because I can 😉

Are grandparents allowed to spoil their grandchildren? Yes! Because they can, even if we as parents don’t always approve (sometimes in silence) they are only grandparents once in their lives. Let them enjoy this time spend with their first (second, fifth) grandchild. Of course babies need some routine, nap time, eating time, play time…but somehow I let go just a tiny little bit when grandma comes to visit, sometimes to my own disadvantage, but its worth it.  Seeing my mom and baby girl smile from ear to ear together, is priceless.

So no, babies can not be spoiled, only unconditionally loved.


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