Do we as mothers spoil our babies?!

The answer is simple, no! A baby can never be spoiled. I’m looking at the age of between newborn and those terrible two-year olds, the time when discipline becomes a method of spoiling, so I’ve heard... Maybe giving them too much love is a way of spoiling, you know, that extra four hours holding them, when they are probably supposed to be lying in bed… but for me, they are only babies once in their lives and I have SO much love to give. If someone tells me I’m spoiling my baby, I give them the cold shoulder, because I can 😉

Are grandparents allowed to spoil their grandchildren? Yes! Because they can, even if we as parents don’t always approve (sometimes in silence) they are only grandparents once in their lives. Let them enjoy this time spend with their first (second, fifth) grandchild. Of course babies need some routine, nap time, eating time, play time…but somehow I let go just a tiny little bit when grandma comes to visit, sometimes to my own disadvantage, but its worth it.  Seeing my mom and baby girl smile from ear to ear together, is priceless.

So no, babies can not be spoiled, only unconditionally loved.


Summer is peeking around the corner!


Another month has flown by and we have hit the four months milestone! I have to admit, this past month was a breeze and I have enjoyed it way more than the first two months. The weather also plays a huge role! It’s Spring time in South Africa and Summer is on its way, with today’s temperature hitting a sunny 28’C.  This means we’ll be hitting the beach soon (I’m not a big fan at all, but Baby Girl has to experience the ocean waters).

A lot has happened during month three.  A few weeks ago, she has decided that the boob is no good no more 😦 which means a few things, a need to start pumping more and there is a lot of sterilizing bottles going on, not to mention that the boiled water needs to cool down to the right temperature. ( if I can keep my pinky in the water for 10 seconds, then its just right). She has been sleeping through the night, but this does not mean I get to sleep through the night. Constantly checking if she is warm enough or putting the soother back in her mouth.  Yes, she has made soother her friend. Don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.  We’ll soon find out…  She is sitting upright with support, rolling over and actually likes spending time on her tummy.  There is a lot of chewing her fingers and toes going on, the gums are really itchy! But what has made this past month easier, is that you get to know your baby’s needs better.  The ‘I’m hungry’ moan and ‘I want to sleep now’ moan are two completely different sounds.  I love that everyday she is just becoming more and more her own person and she has a very strong personality already!

So like a mentioned, Summer is on its way and of course we here in the Western Cape are blessed to be surrounded by the most beautiful sceneries. Here are just a few places we have visited and still need to visit with Baby Girl.  Babylonstoren is just perfect for you and babies.  You can take your stroller and head into their beautiful gardens early morning. Pet the donkeys and hedgehogs and then have a yummy lunch at the Tea Garden or Platter for 2 at their Wine Tasting Room. A definite favourite! Mont Marie is a favourite amongst the locals. With a play area for the children and a great menu for adults and kids, the view of the mountains and vineyards is just breathtaking. A great location to just chill and soak up the sun. Boschendal is the perfect spot for a picnic.  Pack your own or reserve a basket in advance to enjoy on their spacious lawn areas.  They also have wonderful herb and vegetable garden to explore.  Joostenberg also offers great picnic baskets and dad can try some local beers at the craft brewery.  Beautiful peaceful lawn area with a jungle gym and ample space for the kiddies to run around.

I am really looking forward to this season. So much to do! and Christmas is also only 83 days away!  Baby girl’s first spring/summer time and new traditions to start with her as a family. Exciting times 🙂