Oh no! I have become an addict.

I have always been a sucker for a sale.  Before I was pregnant, I would every month (around payday ofcourse) go to the mall and buy something. Whether it be clothes, decor or groceries, I had to walk out of that mall with a shopping bag. Crazy right? I’ve never really bought something that I have not worn or used.  I try to stay with classic fits and neutral colours.  Clothes I could wear to either work or to casual gatherings. Because lets be honest with ourselves, the clothes they put on sale, well, most of those items are from last season, so you need to shop like a pro.  These days, after becoming a mother, I have become a pro at online shopping. Yes, I also think a have become an addict…

Online shopping is just so convenient. Especially when you just not in the mood to get out of your pajamas to drive somewhere, because you have been awake pretty much the whole night with your baby.  The only thing I do buy online, is baby clothes and accessories. I do not buy clothes for myself anymore, because I have enough (and this I only realise now??) Buying Baby Girl’s clothes online is the best thing since baked bread with butter AND jam. I always wait for that awesome sale, because jeez louise, baby clothes are expensive! and they can only wear it for so long.  I have been introduced to a couple of sights by friends and also have been searching for ‘Proudly South African’ products online.  Here’s what I have found.

Most of my shopping happens at Sticky-Fudge.  I only buy when clothes go on sale and when you join their Facebook page, they always keep you up to date with great bargains.  The brand started in Stellenbosch in 2009 and they only use 100% cotton fabric.  Great for our warm summer months.  They design for ages 0 – 7 years and also ship overseas.

I have totally fallen in love with Myang.  All their products are handmade by an all-woman team coming from disadvantage communities.  Their specialty is their handmade shoes and they design for ages 0-2 years. Also have a look at their baby linen, toys, hats and headbands.  Too cute.  They have become popular in the States as well.


I have been looking for a pair of leather vellies for Baby Girl before she was even born and recently came across this amazing little shop based in Jo’burg. Amavi supplies all localy handmade products and make your leather vellies on order. Although pricey, I would say that anything made of leather is a good investment.  If you are looking for more variation of leather shoes then Pitta-Patta and Shooshoos are also sites worth having a look at.  Both brands make quality handcrafted leather shoes for babies and toddlers.


I saw the following brand at a local market, but you can purchase online as well if you can’t make it to the market over a weekend.  Just Chillin sells funky kidswear which are designed and made in Cape Town to support local job creation.  They sell the cutest little tutu dresses, dressed with a pair of funky gum boots, you have a winner!

I have to mention that I have never had a problem with receiving any of my goods after payment made.  All sites are legit and very profesional.  I have only received great and friendly service.  Which is another reason why I have become addicted to online shopping 😉


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