And the Gold Medal goes to…!

s3-news-tmp-103031-rio-olympics-2016--2x1--750We have been watching the Rio Olympics everyday, that includes Baby Girl. She is fascinated by the athletes and especially loves watching gymnastics, synchronised swimming and Usian Bolt.  She is totally spellbound. Does not move a muscle. We were watching Usain run his heat to qualify for the 100m and as he ran over the finishing line, she fell asleep.  No point in watching anyone else I figured. Speaking of champions, we also have to say huge congrats to our South African athlete, Wayde van Niekerk, for winning and breaking the 400m World Record!

My special gold medal that I would like to give is for my mom.  Yesterday we celebrated her 63rd birthday and for the last 34 years of that 63 years she has devoted all her love and time to her children.  That is amazing. She now loves spending time with her granddaugther, so much so that she doesn’t want to put her down!

I am forever grateful to have a mom that does not hesitate to help out (and lives close by). She is and always was a super woman. She left her job to take care of me and my younger brother, although today I know that she would have loved to kept on working, just for that little bit of extra income to spoil the kids with.  She has taught us to accept one another, with all our flaws.  No one is perfect and listen.  You need to listen and never judge, because thats not your job.

I am giving her a BIG gold medal for being super mother and super grandmother, not only for 2016, but for all the years that has gone by and for the many more to come.


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