Shopping trips, definitely without baby.

Baby girl and I have not gone on a shopping spree together this winter. Don’t get me wrong, we have been outside the house for an occasional stroll (weather permitted), but I just feel a big shopping mall, is just too big of a challenge, for both of us. I am totally paranoid that she would start crying uncontrollable. Then again, researchers say “a calm mom, a calm baby”. Personally I feel that going to the mall with my baby, is not nessesary.  I see it as ‘me time’. What would she gain in going on a shopping spree at the age of two months? But that’s just me. Instead, I spend time with her at home. She takes three, maybe four naps during the day, more or less an hour long. When she is awake, we laugh and talk. She likes talking. Then she eats, falls asleep and wakes up for a nappy change. That’s our daily routine. And its working for us.

I have come to realise that not all babies are the same. Just like we, adults, are also individuals, with our own set of goals and outlook on life.  I will not judge any mother. I have never judge any person for that matter. Do what you feel is best for you and your baby. Not what others say you should do. That book you’ve been reading by Dr. so and so, use it as a guideline and instead go with that gut feeling. Woman intuition. Call it what you want. But it goes in overdrive once you become a mother.  It’s crazy, but true. You think now that you will not know what to do in certain situations, but believe me, you will know. Just like I know I should not take my baby girl with me when going to the mall.

I am looking forward though to our first summer together. Having picnics outside in the garden. Watching the birds and the clouds past by. Laughing and having conversations. Priceless moments that I will remember with my precious baby girl. Until then, we will enjoy each other’s company at home, whilst family and friends are always welcome to visit.


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